What do?

What you should not miss during your visit to Indonesia.

First time Indonesia

Go to Indonesia for the first time please visit the Borobudur and Prambanan temples on the island of Java. Both temples are on the UNESCO World Heritage list and its beautiful buildings. Also visit the Bromo volcano on the island of Java, Tanah Lot and Monkey forest on Bali and the small Gili Islands may not be missing at a first time Indonesia!

A train journey

A unique experience for any traveler are the beautiful train journeys on Java. There are several train routes to choose from both short and long distances. Also, you can choose from day, evening and night trains. The most beautiful routes are those with the dagtreinen from Jakarta to Bandung and Bandung to Yogyakarta.

If you opt for a train journey through Java then certainly for the Eksecutif class, or first class trains. This train class are comfortable and fairly luxurious with wide chairs, plenty of legroom and air conditioning. The train prices are cheap. For more information on train travel in Indonesia visit our train travel page

A snack along the side of the road

Indonesian cuisine is one of the best in the world! Restaurants and food stalls can be found on every street corner in Indonesia. Of small food stalls along the side of the road or large dining rooms to chic restaurants and fast food restaurants. It is therefore quite easy to spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner to find. Always look at the crowds in a food court. If many people are often the food is good! Please notice that our stomachs not always intended for certain ingredients used in the dishes.

Contact with Indonesians

If you show that you are interested in the culture and traditions of the country you will see that easy travel involved. Indonesians are often curious about the Western tourist and will therefore also sometimes try to enter into a conversation with you. English in Indonesia is not at all always equally good and sometimes the communication this slowly. Always stay polite.

Tourist attractions

Visit a tourist attraction such as Borobudur Temple on Java or the Tanah Lot Temple on Bali it is wise to do this early in the morning so as to avoid the big crowds.

Mount Bromo

Visit when travelling through Indonesia the Bromo volcano than is wise to this trip a warm sweater, vest or jacket to carry. The village of Cemara Lawang in the Bromo volcano is located at an altitude of over 2000 metres where it can cool nice at night and sometimes even freezing. Also good hiking shoe or athletic shoes are not a luxury. For both the Bromo Sunrise trekking as trekking to the crater lake of Kawa Ijen we recommend to bring your own flashlight.

Protection against mosquitoes

Indonesia has a tropical climate where many mosquitoes can occur. Especially in wooded areas and can come to the beach for mosquitoes and for irritation concerns during your well deserved holiday.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with the anti mosquitos potion DEET. There are several other types of anti mosquitoes through which to obtain also in Indonesia are only advisable to use DEET. Also lemon peels, citronella and a mosquito net can help against mosquitoes.

Malaria mosquitoes are not found on the islands of Java, Bali on the other island & can still prevent Malaria. Please consult your family doctor or the public health service or visit our Indonesia preparation page